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Wizbits Extreme

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Wizbits Extreme

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Wizbits Extreme was an anime created after Big East gained distrubtion rights of General Defense Dynamics animated works in Japan, recycling unused parts of 'Bits. Wizbits Extreme was later released in the America due to Ichiban Sato's expert detection of loopholes in contracts. Though the activities of the Wizbits Extreme ultimately differ very little from those chronicled in the original, American The Wizbits cartoon, due to Temporal Elemachinations of the Warrior Elemenstor Extemporary Feculence, these events actually happened. In fact all events from each of the versions of The Wizbits happened. (See the ELotH:TES timeline for more clarification.) The original Wizbits story was found to be a dream of the Extemporary Feculence, it could be treated as a form of dream prophecy, a trait certainly not unknown to those who dabble in the sticky wickedness of Temporal Elemenstation.



In the formerly Japanese-only Wizbits Extreme cartoon, produced not-quite-concurently with the American The Wizbits cartoon (which was itself reconstitued from clips of the original Japanese show, ElamenSTAR), the plot neatly mirrors that of its Western cousin. A few exceptions differentiate the two versions, of course; namely, the replacement of Harbinger Portent with the floating, disembodied head of Extemporary Feculence and the addition of rubian-powered mechanized suits for the Wizbits Extreme Team and their familiars. Additionally, Penny's not-very-extreme familiar Myrtle was replaced with the over-the-top-extreme-thank-you-very-much X-Train.



The third act of each show culminated in a dramatic sequence showing the formation -- by the bonding together of each Wizbit Extreme Team member and their interlocking familiars' Rubian Suits -- of Rubinoazon, a flame-spewing, ambulatory china cabinet.



For obvious reasons, the Wizbits Extreme are, for many, not considered part of the greater canon. Unfortunately this is mere wishful thinking since after purchasing Realmworlds Publishing, Multigame Corp reworked the ending of The Dreaming Feculence prior to its release to tie Wizbits Extreme into canon. Despite its existing, many of its elements--even the cool parts--have been largely ignored by others, and little has been done with the property.


Recently, a movie was made in Japan to pick up where the story left off after the first (and final) season.


Some have made contention with the fact that, of the four voice actors for the Four Underdogs, three had distinctive accents that made their lines difficult to understand (Lander with a thick German accent; Zula, Russian; Skip, a mystery dialect from "somewhere thereabouts in Asia") and the other was reconstituted from prior voice work for The Wizbits (Penny), among the myriad other grossly tight budget cuts. This was done to make as much profit off of Wizbits Extreme as possible, as it was optioned beforehand to try and revive interest in the series after it started tanking (which, as we all know, came by far too soon). Sure enough, despite it being nowhere as popular as its cousin, it ended in the black.




Wizbits Extreme Team Members






Wizbits Extreme Cast and Crew







tim Interesting that this series is mentioned here as "considered canon". I read an interesting interview with one of the ELotH novel authors where he addressed the issue of canon. The definition of canon works was described as two fold. Either a work that explains another accepted work without invalidating it, or a work that is then extended on by other works that meet this first criteria or become accepted by then meeting the second criteria through additional works. By this definition, wizbits extreme doesn't really fit.
Niall Wizbits Extreme Cast and Crew will probably need its own page eventually, separate from The Wizbits Cast and Crew. Since there are so few entries for it at the moment, I've temporarily lumped it in here.


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