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The Wutel are a race of crab people who originally came from the Very Lost Kingdoms. Conditions in the Very Lost Kingdoms are very harsh. The Wutel, like the many other races who did their best to reside there, were forced, very quickly, to become extremely adept hunters and fighters, having to easily subdue what little prey there was to go around, as well as other hunters. Their right hands are gigantic claws, which have always served them well as melee weapons. However, finding during those dark times that they were easily overpowered by larger, stronger peoples, such as the hulking Yydthorl beasts that roamed the vast lost kingdoms, they quickly adapted. Stringing up their large claws to use as bows, they soon became very adept archers, able to pick off enemies and prey from a great distance without being spotted.


However, even with their sniping skills, it became clear to the Wutel leader, Kokolathokoka, that the Very Lost Kingdoms were not the place for his race. He lead the Wutel far away from the kingdoms, and, after several misunderstood skirmishes, soon joined forces with the Khith and the Cohoris to form the Khith-Cohoris-Wutel, where their harsh history made them the perfect choice to act as the group's assasins and warriors.


Wutel range from between four and eight foot in height (so while tall, Lord Kinlo would have understandably impressed them) and are significantly stronger than the average human. As well as boasting tough crustacean hides, they tend to wear armours of intense strength- and it is sometimes difficult to tell what is natural and what is metal. While their weapons were once primitive and ugly, the Cohoris helped the Wutel create more stylish equipment: although the crab chieftans drew the line at grass skirts.


There are three Wutel sub-species (usually referred to as castes). The most populous are the very crab-like Scuttlelo, but there are large numbers of the humanoid Widestagger and the lobsterish Dahmbihg supporting them. Scuttelo are the beserkers, Widestagger the expert archers, and the Dahmbihg the siege weapons: nothing strikes fear into the heart of the enemy like a psychotic Scuttelo crab screaming hate and throwing themselves into the fray.


Wutel wear the carapaces of their fallen, both as a mark of respect and as trophies- if a worthy foe falls in battle, they will summarily split him open and wear his shell: they see no spiritual reasoning behind this, they just think it's a sensible way of looking snazzy and gaining extra protection. Wutel tried this with humans, and were largely dissapointed, although a few fashionable human skin anoraks prevail.


The Wutel have but one legend, that of the Lost son of the Wutel, which was suggested to be the Malign MooMaa in Book 7.


Fan Art


While this is not the original image from the fantastic Encyclopaedi Elemenstorus, it is nevertheless a sketch that's quite true to the original inked image. The Wutel shown are of the humanoid Widestagger caste: note the assassin preparing his claw bow on the left!

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