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Ycarip lautca

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Ycarip lautca


A mid-ranged Carry elemenstation gear of summoning that allows the caster to choose the source location of the conjuration. This essentially allows the caster to steal magical objects from houses, boats, persons, etc. by teleportation. It does not apply to biological or furniliar life. The spell is somewhat weak, so simple wards can prevent the Ycarip laucta from functioning properly. As a result it is often necessary to break down the defenses of on opponent before it's use.


An odd side-effect of the spell is that it consumes heat from the area surrounding both the caster and the target, absorbing the energy to use it for the teleportation. This freezing effect is often the only visible sign that the Ycarip laucta has been used.


Curiously, the spell works on snorkiepies even though they aren't technicaly "magical". When used on snorkiepies, the heat transfer is reversed: both the snorkiepie and the caster warm up a little. Some have suggested these two things hint that the snorkiepies actually are magical, and they should be treated as any other magical item with unknown properties, which is to say that snorkiepies should be treated as a cursed item. The best rebuttal to this is simply "Dude.. C'mon.. It's a snorkiepie!"

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