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Zappers are Elemenstors of the Lightning Element.


Although Wiffles can to some extend, also control Lightning, it usually requires extensive striking time for the Air Gears that involve lighting attacks which draw on ambient electricity in the atmosphere.


Zappers, however, partially power their mastery of electricity with their own bioelectric impulses in their brains and muscles, allowing them to fire off intense blasts of electricity with the flick of a wrist. Zappers are somewhat limited however, as even though their Gears are powerful, they are nearly all indistinguishable from the other, and few involve anything else than deep-frying people with electricity.


Exposure to high amounts of electricity over the years generally cause them to suffer from short-term memory loss and general confusion. This is not a good thing with the type of power they can wield. The combination of phenominal powers and memory loss often cause them to become delusional and mad with power. The increased amount of electricity also affects several kinds of neurotransmitters in the central nervous system. In laymen's terms, in keeps them from ever getting depressed or sad, making many Zappers totally manic 100% of the time.


All of this adds to Zappers being powerful elemental channelers with colossal destructive powers, and also totally fucking nuts.


Not to be confused with Lighting Elemenstors, Filaments


Notable Zappers:

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